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Why we are the
strongest, most professional
pneumatic nailer manufacturer

33 years of pneumatic nail gun manufacturing, maintaining the highest quality and standards.

Unique design and functionality, born from meticulous attention to detail, utilizing the best legacy technologies, strict quality control, and the reliability throughout the entire production process are some of the reasons why ZHAN SHEN has become a standard in the pneumatic tools industry.。

  • ZHAN SHEN nail guns are constructed using various high-toughness metals.
  • We focus on the quality of each component to provide the best.
  • We develop gun bodies that comply with various markets.

Every component of ZHAN SHEN products has been thoroughly researched and improved over the years. The metal casing is of utmost importance, forged from lightweight alloy, to provide you with durable and long-lasting tools, suitable for a wide range of applications

History of ZHAN SHEN

1993- 1998
With the launch of the first-generation nail gun, ZHEN SHEN was committed to serving the domestic market, achieving smooth nail gun operation and breaking through the barriers of lightweight design.
1998 - 2003
Over the years, the company has been actively expanding its overseas business, venturing westward to Hong Kong and mainland China.
The Laser Level Department was established. Expanding into the Southeast Asian market.
After four times gun body designs,ZHEN SHEN proudly introduced the 20th-anniversary nail gun, renowned for its enhanced strength and power.
The Air Compressor Department was established. ZHEN SHEN's next-generation brushless smart air compressor was launched, featuring new patented technology and combining it with ZHAN SHEN's professional manufacturing and quality control departments, achieving outstanding results With advancements in building structures, the production of 'steel structure nail guns' was introduced, incorporating magnesium alloy elements in gun body manufacturing, disrupting the industry.
ZHAN SHEN's high-efficiency oil-free air compressor is now available, featuring a unique exterior design that emphasizes superior heat dissipation The new laser level designed by ZHAN SHEN is now on the market

Adapting to various environments and project changes, we create models designed for specific applications.

Our accumulated experience is definitely a good reason for you to trust us.

Production capacity


Design capability


Quality management


After-sales service



If you have any product or service needs, you can inquire at the ZHANSHEN Northern Business office.


Northern Business Office/Showroom:

203-2, Section 3, Chongqing North Road,
Datong District, Taipei City,
Tel: +886(02)25950200