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Carpentry Essential – 18 Ga. 2″ Pneumatic Brad/Finish Nailer.

Apply to Interior/Exterior finish and trim, Paneling, Furniture, Crafts, Cabinet work, Staircases.

Brad/finish nailer” is also called a single-needle nailer, which is a pneumatic nail gun that is widely used in engineering construction. Commonly used for nailing integrated angles, cabinet wood core boards, cabinet wood drawers, the bottom plate of the elevated floor and the angle wood, the floor surface material and the bottom plate, the plywood of 9mm or more, the corner lines and board nailing, also cement board nailing, etc.

The specification number of the pneumatic straight nailer means the longest length that can be used to use the nail.  Take F50 as an example: The length of the nail can be used up to 50mm.

According to the thickness of the nail line can be divided into two categories :

F30/TF30, F50/TF50 is suitable for nail line diameter 0.25 ~ 1.0mm. The length of the nails commonly used in wood is F-10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50

F-50 is usually used in the combination of integrated angle materials. F-45/40 is mostly used in the preliminary cabinet of wooden cabinets. F-30/25 is widely used in cabinet wood-making drawers, the bottom plate of the high floor with the corner of the floor, the floor facial material with the bottom plate, the nails of the plywood above 9mm, and the corner thread plate nail. At the same time, you can also use TF small steel nails (commonly known as thunderbolt) with a line diameter of only 1.0mm to nail cement board and solid wood hard floor, which work will be neat, straight and stable, could improving the construction quality.

Small steel cannon 1835 (FST35), medium gun 1850 (FST50), suitable for nail wire diameter 1.4~1.8MM gun nails.  The types of nails that can be used are divided into medium T iron nails which common specifications are T50, T45,  or black steel nails (black nails) which common specifications are SF15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50. It is mainly used for nailing the skeleton of light steel frames, skirting boards, and internal angle structures of wooden ceilings/ceiling partition walls/wall wooden walls. Fixing the plastic skirting board to the wall. Fixing ceiling line boards and wall corners, nailing cabinet boards to boards, and nailing plywood to cement walls.

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