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Carpentry Essential – 20 Ga. 1/5″ PNEUMATIC FINE WIRE STAPLER

Apply to Upholstering, Cabinet assembly, Furniture manufacturing.  

“Pneumatic fine wire stapler” is also called “double-foot nail gun”, that is, the nails used are like staples and are fixed in a U-shaped shape. It is widely used in various woodworking applications, including fastening 6mm calcium silicate boards on ceilings, fastening boards less than 4mm in thickness, attaching backs to cabinets and drawers, securing decorative panels on walls, and nailing PVC ceiling panels in bathrooms. Additionally, it is suitable for fastening fire-resistant and soundproof panels.

The specification number of the pneumatic double-foot nail gun represents the nail width and length. Take J422 as an example: the nail width it can use is 0.4mm, and the nail length can be up to 22mm.

Common nail needle specifications for woodworking are roughly 416, 419, 422, and 425.

416, 419 are commonly used for nailing 6mm calcium silicate boards on the ceiling, nailing plywood below 4mm, nailing cabinets and drawer backs, nailing wall art flower panels, and nailing PVC ceilings in bathrooms and toilets.

422 is commonly used for nailing 7mm and 9mm plywood to wooden panels.

There is also a “wide-foot nail gun“, which is widely used for nailing plastic PVC ceilings in kitchens and toilets, and for joining two boards to each other. Commonly used nail specifications for nails include 1006, 1010, 1013, 1016, 1019, and 1022.  Among them, 1013 is the most common in woodworking, and other specifications are more commonly used in furniture stores or sofa stores

There is also a “pneumatic fireproof board special nail gun (K needle gun)” With consumers paying more attention to home safety and the widespread supply of fireproof building materials!  Therefore, professional carpenters will also purchase this special nail gun for fireproof boards to improve the quality of the project.  Because the quality and hardness of fireproof calcium silicate board building materials on the market are different, some brands have harder materials while others have softer materials. Therefore, if a pneumatic double-foot nail gun is used during construction, the nailing force of the fireproof board will be slightly insufficient, and there will be a risk of the main body of the board becoming unstable and sinking in the future.

The most commonly used specifications of this type of nail gun for fireproof boards are K419, K422, and K425.

Although the appearance of the nails of the nail gun for fireproof board is the same as that of the nail gun of the pneumatic double-foot nail gun, the thickness and hardness of the nail material of the nail gun for fireproof board are much higher than that of the pneumatic double-foot nail gun. In terms of price, the special gun nails for fireproof boards are about twice as expensive as the pneumatic double-foot gun nails. Therefore, in order to reduce project costs, many contractors choose to use pneumatic double-foot nailers for construction.

Please match the nail length and hardness of different specifications according to the thickness and material of the decorative building materials to achieve the best fixing effect.


Small reminder:

During construction, nail along the wood grain to reduce the destructive force on the building materials, make the nailing smooth and neat, and improve the construction quality. In addition: nail needles are made of stainless steel, iron, and red copper. There is an absolute difference in price and lifespan. Choose carefully according to your needs.

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