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Carpentry Essential –  23Ga. 1-1/2″ Head/Headless Pin Nail Gun

Apply to Finish & Trim, Glazing strips, Wood working, Graft work, Rattan furniture, Window beading

The term ‘Pin Nail Gun’ implies that its nail holes are as thin as mosquito bite mark.  The holes are small and can hide nails. With tiny perforations, it can conceal nails, making it commonly used for precise carpentry work involving solid wood veneer panels, solid wood veneer decoration, framing, Japanese-style window frames, and the manufacturing of rattan furniture, among other fine woodworking applications. It can also serve as a temporary fixation during gluing and reinforcement for veneer panels. Due to the small and slender head of the nails used, the resulting nail holes on the surface of the material are less noticeable, eliminating the need for additional filling.

The specifications of a pneumatic pin nail gun are denoted by a code representing the diameter and length of the nails. Taking SP635 as an example: it can use nails with a diameter of 0.6mm and a maximum length of 35mm.

Common nail sizes for woodworking include 610, 612, 615, 618, 622, 625, 630, and 635. It is recommended to choose the appropriate nail length based on the thickness of different decorative materials to achieve the best fixing and fitting effects.


Small reminder :

Since pin nails are note threaded like screws and can be completely tightened, it is recommended to drive them in slightly diagonally as diagonal braces during construction to increase the fixing support and the effect of hiding the nails will be better.

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